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Comsol Travel costs

We simplify management and billing

Since 2002, the Microsoft Business Solutions certified special solution Comsol travel expenses for  more than 50 Microsoft Navision partners nationwide for all customers.
Comsol travel is 100% in the ERP solution Microsoft Navision integrated. This interface can take expense reports

directly into financial accounting  (direct integration into the Navision financial accounting). When the travel documents are posted to financial accounting types of costs are deductible in cost centers and taken into account.
It is not necessary to declare every single trip as a settlement. A settlement may include any period and any number of trips and other statements made (collective settlement). The collection of the amounts in foreign currency is possible.
The parameters for the travel-document type allows instant billing of the employees, the Tax Office (holding the taxable property, reference values) and the further burden of projects by  passing on price. The payment is flexible (via vendor, property or account on the payroll). Navigate through the support of the function in Navision the accounts are transparent.
The program automatically determines the property references, as well as the catering, accommodation and travel allowances. Project costs to sales prices (net) will be passed on to the project. However, it also further burden fares to be filed. Individual Project Solutions (Comsol service providers) can include travel expenses within Navision to set up tables in Comsol.

Other features:


  • automatic creation of device data over a function
  • easy acquisition by Wizard
  • integrated approval process
  • Report for the detection of the taxable property, the reference value
  • Enhancements in Travel Cost Controlling (advance, for example,   already by employer-paid invoices from the travel agency)
  • Travel Copy
  • Travel cancellation
  • Company car management